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I am involved in the statistical aspects of a variety of research projects in biomedical sciences. My specialty is in statistical genetics, with an emphasis in developing statistical methods for genetic mapping in model organisms.

Sen S, Johannes F, and Broman KW (2008) "Selective genotyping and phenotyping strategies in a complex trait context," Genetics, in press.
PDF | Supplementary Information

Sen S, Satagopan JM, Broman, KW, and Churchill GA (2007) "R/qtlDesign: Inbred line cross experimental design," Mammalian Genome, 18:87-93.
Preprint | R/qtlDesign software

Sen S, Satagopan JM, and Churchill GA (2005) "Quantitative trait locus study design from an information perspective," Genetics, 170:447-464.
PDF | Supplementary Information

Ormoneit D and Sen S (2002), "Kernel-based reinforcement learning," Machine Learning; 49:161-178. PDF

Sen S and Churchill GA (2001), "A statistical framework for quantitative trait mapping"; Genetics; 159:371-387.
PDF | Pseudomarker software | QTL Archive

Dighe A and Sen S (1999), "Information content in B->VV decays and the angular moments method," Physical Review D; 59:074002. PDF

Sen S (1998), "Confidence intervals for gene location: The effect of model misspecification and smoothing," PhD Thesis, University of Chicago under Dr. Augustine Kong. PDF